Be a Success

Ever heard of the Local Multiplier Effect? It says that the majority of a dollar spent at a local business will stay in the local economy, as opposed to money spent at a chain or over the internet. It makes good business sense; if you want your clients to buy your local services, you need to support the local services that pay your clients.

We do not have or sell any treats that are labeled Peanut or Tree Nut Free. For information on Food Allergy Concerns, please click here.

Having a holiday party or company event? Bloom can deliver a tier of cupcakes in your corporate colors with a variety of flavors that are sure to please everyone. Or if you're looking for more, we can fill an entire dessert table with an assortment of fudge brownies, fresh cookies, a variety of flavorful cupcakes, whoopie pies and more.

Show your clients and coworkers that working with them spells sweet success to you. Just send us an email, give a call, or come down to chat over some coffee, and we'll find the solution for what you need. Here's a small sample of what we have to offer.

Catering Menu

  • Cupcakes
    Who doesn’t get excited over a box of cupcakes? We'll pull a delicious assortment of our seasonal best.
    // $35.75 per dozen
  • Mini Cupcakes
    Good things come in small packages. Choose our popular vanilla and chocolate classic flavors or from any flavor on our menu. Minimum 1 dozen order.
    // $30 per dozen for all flavors
  • Whoopie Pies
    Celebrate with a whoopie! Choose from our Standard, Seasonal or Allergen Friendly flavors!
    // $35.75 per dozen
  • Cupcake & Whoopie Pie Samplers
    We’ll put together an assortment of our seasonal best. Sure to please anyone!
    // $35.75 per dozen
  • Bloom Cookie Sampler
    A variety of our most popular cookies in each box. Ten out of ten tummies agree - this is a huge hit.
    // $30.00 per dozen for Large Cookies
    // $24.00 per dozen for Medium Cookies
  • Box of Assorted Bloom Brownies & Bars
    An assortment of brownies and our most popular dessert bars.
    // $40.00 per dozen for Large
    // $20.00 per dozen for Medium
    // $15.00 per dozen for Petite
  • Bloom Cakes
    Scrumptious two layer cakes can be made fresh for your event.
    //$40.00 for a 6 inch cake that feeds 7-9 people
    Have more mouths to feed? Ask us about our variety of cake sizes and pricings.

Please give 48 hours notice for custom cake orders, 24 hours for custom cupcake orders.
Call 608.831.5797 for delivery pricing and information 

* Our prices are subject to change at any time since they are based off the price we pay directly to our farmers, local roasters, peanut butter makers, and all of the purveyors that are committed to leaving out as many middlemen as possible.

Cupcake Tier
  • 7am-6pm
1834 Parmenter Street Middleton WI 53562 608.831.5797