Be Proud of Your Sweets

Bloom takes great pride in celebrating local, organic farmers. We always look first to our backyard for sourcing our ingredients. We then consider our purveyors for their commitment to organic and fair trade practices. Our farm fresh eggs, rich butter and creamy milk come from local Wisconsin farms. As does our ripe produce, often purchased the same day from the farmer’s market. Our flour is grown, ground and sourced from the Midwest. Our decadent coffee and smooth teas are all fair-trade and organic, whenever possible.

Our Treats are baked-fresh daily in small batches, so our menu tends to vary quite a bit. Below you'll find some of our more common treats, but be prepared for delicious surprises during every visit. 
*We do not have or sell any treats that are labeled Peanut or Tree Nut Free. For more information on Gluten-Free & other Food Allergy Concerns, click here to read more.

Fresh Cupcakes :: Our Garden Variety

*Most of the following flavors can be baked up Vegan or Gluten Free as well! Call us with any Questions.

Full Dozen for { $35.75 }

  • Be Classic { $3.25 }
    Dense vanilla cake topped with sweet vanilla buttercream.
  • Be Decadent { $3.25 }
    Moist chocolate cake topped with classic milk chocolate buttercream.
  • Be Nuts { $3.25 }
    Moist chocolate cake slathered with milk chocolate and creamy peanut butter buttercream
  • Be Silly { $3.25 }
    Fresh organic bananas and rich chocolate chips are folded into delicious cake batter topped with a silky cream cheese frosting.

  • Be Smooth { $3.25 }
    Moist chocolate cake topped with a mocha buttercream that’s infused with a smooth roast from Madison’s Just Coffee.
  • Be Local { $3.25 }
    Moist carrot cake baked with local organic carrots with silky cream cheese frosting.
  • Be Candied { $3.25 }
    A liberal dose of Sunspire chocolate candies have been folded into both the cake and the vanilla buttercream on this cupcake.

  • Be Brunchy { $3.25 }
    If you're going to combine two meals, you may as well add dessert. Maple sugar cake swirled with cinnamon and slathered with cream cheese frosting.
  • Be a Pig { $3.25 }
    Maple sugar cinnamon cake mixed with local bacon chunks, slathered with maple frosting and sprinkled with crispy bacon crumbles.
  • Be Formal { $3.25 }
    Vanilla and chocolate swirled together in both the cake and frosting make for a dashing and delicious cupcake. Top hat optional.
  • Be Chipper { $3.25 }
    Milk Chocolate Chips are folded into both the soft vanilla cake and our signature vanilla buttercream.
  • Be Cool { $3.25 }
    Our dense chocolate cake topped with a cool minty buttercream and garnished with chocolate chips. Like a breath mint for choco-holics.
  • Be Toasty { $3.25 }
    Moist chocolate cake slathered with roasted almond buttercream and rolled in toasted coconut shavings.
  • Be Danish { $3.25 }
    Or just have one. This is a lightly spiced cinnamon cupcake topped with a cinnamon streusel buttercream.
  • Be Buttery { $3.25 }
    Our creamy smooth vanilla cake frosted with Bloom's unique vanilla peanut butter buttercream. Enjoy all the buttery, creamy goodness you want.
  • Be Dipped { $3.25 }
    Bloom’s cookies 'n cream is Vanilla Buttercream mixed with a heavy dose of Organic Chocolate and Cream Cookies and spread on our moist Chocolatey Cupcakes.
  • Be a Monkey {$3.25}
    We made this Banana Cupcake with real bananas and rich Chocolate Chips then topped it with thick Chocolate Buttercream, for the monkey in all of us.

Bloom Cakes

  • Sweet Six Inch Cake { $40 } (Serves 7-9)
    Scrumptious two layer cakes can be made from any of our decadent cupcake flavors. Available by special order only. 48 hours notice required. Have more mouths to feed? Ask us about our variety of cake sizes and pricings.

More Deliciousness

Only cupcakes? Oh heavens no. Not at Bloom. You will also be delighted to find a variety of the following treats, baked-fresh daily. But due to our seasonal kicks, the daily selection will vary. Feel free to call or check out Facebook for the scoop on what’s baking in our kitchen today. We are happy to whip up something special as well, with advance (48 hours) notice.

  • Whoopie Pies { $3.25 }
    // Be Traditional – Devil's food chocolate cakes with vanilla buttercream filling.
    // Be Cool – Devil's food cakes with fresh mint buttercream.
    // Be Silly – Banana chocolate chip cakes with cream cheese filling.
    // Be Elvis – Banana chocolate chip cakes with peanut butter buttercream filling.
  • Brownies { $3.50 }
    // Traditional Fudge
    // Peanut Butter Fudge
    // Salted Caramel - with scratch made caramel
    // Black and White – with white and milk chocolate chunks
    // Fun House Brownies - laced with our favorite organic candies and cookies
    // S'mores
    // Cookies N' Cream
    //Raspberry Fudge - dredged with local Raspberry preserves
  • Brookies { $3.50 }
    // A brownie and cookie swirled together
  • Bars { $3.50 }
    // Fresh Lemon Bars - made with hand squeezed organic lemons *Can be made GF
  • Cookies { $2.50 }
    // Chocolate Chip
    // Snickerdoodles
    // Oatmeal Raisin
    // Peanut Butter
    // Ginger Molasses
    // Door County Chocolate Cherry
    // Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk
    // Compost Cookies- hearty oatmeal cookies studded with "the works" and a sprinkle of salt

Stay for a Cuppa

  1. Just Coffee { $2.50 }
    // Made to order, fair-trade french-press coffee.
    Iced available in Summer.
  2. Organic, Fair Trade Tea { $2.50 - 3.00 }
    // Fresh, organic, loose-leaf tea in a mug or a pot.
    Available iced or hot.

  3. Equal Exchange Hot Chocolate { $2.50 }
    // Fair-trade & organic. Spicy Hot or Regular.
  4. A Glass of Organic Valley Milk { $1.00 }
    // Organic & Local
  5. Wisco Pop Organic Sodas { $3.00 }
    // Organic soda made with agave syrup.

* Our prices are subject to change at any time since they are based off the price we pay directly to our farmers, local roasters, peanut butter makers, and all of the purveyors that are committed to leaving out as many middlemen as possible.

Whoopie Maple
Vanilla Colors Blur
Mini Vegan Blondie
Peanut Butter Brownie
Espresso Cupcake
Chocolate Cookie Whoopie
Coconut on Wood
Cookies on Wood
Cupcake Biscotti
Truffle Threesome
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