Be Gluten-Free*

In this world of gluten-laced goodies, it’s not easy to find desserts free of gluten. That’s why Bloom is happy to create unique and scrumptious treats catering to those with special diets. And with unique and tasty gluten-free flours like brown rice, tapioca, and sorghum, the old wheat flour is fast losing its monopoly on oven space.

If you’ve been let down before by other gluten-free products, we’re here to make up for it. We find that many of our gluten-eating customers buy the gluten-free products regularly because they love the taste. Back in the old days (uh, when we first opened) we felt lucky if we got one Gluten-Free item in the case. Today, we are proud to say that half our bakery case each day is packed with Gluten-Free desserts, always an assortment of doughnuts, bars, cookies, and cupcakes. So come in and see the flavors we’ve got in our case or call us and we can put some aside for you. Our flavors vary as we get very excited about what's in season or what delicious ingredient we might stumble across at the market. As you browse our menu just know that most any of our seasonal flavors can be made Vegan or Gluten Free according to your needs and preferences! We welcome you to happily peruse our entire menu and let that sweet tooth of your's be satisfied. You deserve it!!

* We do not have or sell any treats that are labeled Peanut or Tree Nut Free. There is risk for cross contamination. For more information on Gluten-Free & other Food Allergy Concerns, click here to read more.


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