Be Vegan

vegan n. A vegetarian who avoids eating all animal products such as milk, butter, eggs, and yogurt.

For some, the above definition sounds like we just took all of the fun out of baked goods. For those who’ve had sub-par vegan bakery desserts, you may have been underwhelmed by dry, bland, crumbling cakes. Well cast your assumptions aside because at Bloom, vegan treats are moist, decadent, delectable goodies that will leave you lip-smacking satisfied!

Whether you're vegan, lactose-free, or allergic to eggs, you can find daily vegan delights in the bakery case at Bloom. In fact many of our patrons choose our vegan treats simply because they taste so good, and not because of dietary restrictions. Our menu changes daily so come in often to try delicious flavors like the ones listed below. And if you’re having a special craving, give us 24 hours notice and we’ll bake up whatever you request.

We do not have or sell any treats that are labeled Peanut or Tree Nut Free. For information on Food Allergy Concerns, please click here.



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