At Bloom, we believe in...

...our ingredients. 

We support and work with local farmers every day: young farmers starting out as well as seasoned organic farmers. We purchase from local purveyors and companies that believe in being a steward to our land, the animals they raise, and their workers well being. We believe that translates into better health for all humans and animals and overall a commitment to a better planet. 

...baking and cooking from scratch.

We often get asked, “Why does it taste so good?” It starts with the ingredients, of course. Then our bakers and chefs head into their respective kitchens to create all of our dishes, biscuits, breads and pastries by hand and from scratch each day. It tastes so good because we care about every single part of the process.


Your experience means everything to us. Whether you are picking up a cake for your special occasion, sitting down to sip tea and journal, meeting with friends and family to enjoy breakfast, we want your experience to be delicious and meaningful every time. That means we'll be asking how your day is going, filling your coffee cup, helping you to your car with your packages if needed, and just making sure all is right and good.

Thanks for being a part of our community. Enjoy your stay.

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1851 Monroe Street,  Madison, WI  ::  (608) 509-7669

Open Fri 1pm - 4pm Saturday 10am-1pm
for online order pickup only

Find us at the Monroe Street Farmer's Market Sundays 9am-1pm!

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