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It all started with a lifelong love of good food made with fresh ingredients.

Bloom has grown from a combination of desire and education; the desire for good food and an in-depth, informal education of what ‘good’ means. At Bloom you’ll find food that is good in more than taste (though there’s plenty of that!).


It’s good for our neighboring farmers who sell us most of the ingredients, good for the co-ops halfway around the world who get a fair deal for our tea, chocolate, and coffee, and good for our soil and rivers because it’s grown without synthetic chemicals. It’s good for our community because most of your dollars spent at Bloom will stay local. What goes around comes around, which is why we try to put out as much good as we can, with full faith that you’ll bring it back. So thanks in advance for coming in to see us and for all the good you bring.

It’s been a horribly tough week for all of us across the nation. Most especially for the dear people
My daughters.

Annemarie Maitri


Hi. My name is Annemarie. Welcome to Bloom.
This bake shop is my little dream come true. It has resided in many places – swimming in my head, written on paper, stuffed under my mattress, in candid discussions with family and friends.


After seven wonderful years settled comfortably on the corner of Parmenter St and Elmwood Ave in Middleton, this little dream has expanded to a beautiful, brand new space on Monroe Street downtown Madison!

I never thought I'd have two amazing spaces to work with, but, like all things at Bloom, this growth has and continues to be a natural process; and I've loved every minute of it! Our Bakery on Monroe Street and Cakery in Middleton work together as two sisters preaching the same Bloom values all the while bringing their own unique flare to the two incredible communities.

Whatever your reason is for stopping into Bloom, thank you for choosing to spend time with us, thank you for choosing to support our local purveyors and, most importantly, thank you for making our two spaces what they are today.

We work here because we love making your day.


Mark Pavlovich

The creative mind behind our savory menu,  Mark puts his whole heart into his work and consistently strives to deliver the highest quality food day in and day out.


Nicole Drives

Nicole plays a vital role in each and every component of the bakery, from sourcing our ingredients to meeting our future newlyweds for wedding tastings.


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Made from scratch with fresh, local, organic, & fair trade ingredients.


We are a small batch bakery and cakery baking and creating each and every recipe by hand, in season, from local ingredients. From the butter in our biscuits to the sweet potato in our doughnuts, we believe in the power of buying local to give our customers the freshest taste of Wisconsin and to give back to our unique community.

Ginger rhubarb
Farmer's market finds.

Food Allergy Concerns

At Bloom we feel it is a privilege to bake up treats for our customers who have certain food allergies, follow special diets or prefer specific ingredients. We take this privilege very seriously.


We bake our Gluten Free/Vegan treats in a separate baking room each Morning, use separate utensils, and use completely separate ingredients (down to the salt, baking soda and powder). We do use the same cupcake pans as traditional baking, but we sterilize them and use fresh cupcake liners. We even use separate towels for drying and hand washing.


Despite taking every precaution, we cannot guarantee that our treats are free of trace amounts of nuts, tree nuts, wheat, dairy, eggs, soy, sesame seeds or other allergens. We welcome any questions and feedback and are happy to explain our procedures further.

We do not have or sell any treats that are labeled Peanut or Tree Nut Free.

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1851 Monroe Street,  Madison, WI  ::  (608) 509-7669

Open Fri 1pm - 4pm Saturday 10am-1pm
for online order pickup only

Find us at the Monroe Street Farmer's Market Sundays 9am-1pm!

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